Rollmark take sustainability seriously and believe we all have a responsibility to operate in the most environmentally way possible to secure a better future for our planet. We are working on a carbon reduction plan which will be published here.

Alongside, tracking our carbon footprint, we have made better packaging choices – using paper tape, steering away from shrink wrap and using recyclable packing materials.

Through our partnerships with paper merchants, we are able to carry the Forest Carbon Logo or the Woodland Trust logo on your printed materials, meaning that native trees are planted right here in the UK to carbon offset all paper used. All our materials are responsibly sourced from managed forests. Carrying the logo shows your customers your commitment to the environment too.

None of our waste goes to landfill. If it can’t be recycled, it is used to produce energy. We have changed the lighting in our factory to an energy efficient option and we adopt a reduce, recycle, re-use mentality throughout the business.

It is an ongoing journey but one we are committed to.

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