Rollmark Garden Update - July 2024

Rollmark Garden Update - July 2024

After sowing hundreds of seeds it is disappointing that none of them grew but we are having some success. The trees we planted as part of the Queen’s Canopy Scheme are thriving. We have managed to protect them from the rabbits which has allowed them to flourish. We have discovered a few dead rabbits which we believe may be something to do with a ginger cat Terry spotted. Maybe we need a Rollmark cat!

The iris was the first flower to bloom in the spring and the plants are looking healthy. We have a lilac tree from John’s garden, a honeysuckle from Carol’s garden and a Jasmine from Terry’s garden growing too. The tomato plants are small but are starting to bear fruit and we also have a lovely patch of wild mint which can be eaten or used to make tea. It would be nice to have some other herbs growing to which we can make use of.

At the front of the building the poppies are looking stunning. Last year Claire and Hannah collected the seed pods and sprinkled them around the door area and these have bloomed well.

More wildlife is appearing with dragon flies, black birds, wag tails and others starting to appear. The bees enjoyed the dandelions. We have now had the garden strimmed making it look neater and we plan to try again next year with the seeds and get some bulbs planted over the autumn.

A customer of ours, Evans Instruments also on Howlett Way, have begun their own garden too. They had similar disappointment with their seeds but have now properly cultivated the land and things are growing. We will keep in touch and follow each other’s progress.

If anyone has any cuttings they’d like to donate to the garden or any spare plants, bring them in! Any volunteers for watering or weeding the patch are also welcome, as well as anyone handy who can make up some planters out of old pallets.


Rollmark take sustainability seriously and believe we all have a responsibility to operate in the most environmentally way possible to secure a better future for our planet. We are working on a carbon reduction plan which will be published here.

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