Meet William - Press Minder

Meet William - Press Minder

Born in Harlow, Essex, William joined Rollmark on a casual basis in December 2022 working on general duties in the bindery. As a conscientious, positive individual, Rollmark were keen to offer William a job and he formally joined the team in January 2023. William developed his skills in the bindery and his “positive can-do attitude” facilitated him gaining experience in all aspects of finishing. As William grew in confidence it became clear that he had a thirst to train as a printer and his father, a long time served printer, agreed to undertake the role of teacher! A potentially risky strategy but one that has worked successfully for Rollmark and reflects the close relationship enjoyed by father and son!

Our Sales Director Simon, caught up with Will for a chat.

Simon: Hello William, firstly congratulations on your recent 18th birthday what did you do to celebrate?

William: I got a tattoo of a wolf’s head and had a brilliant but painful day with my dad John at a Combat Airsoft.

Simon: It amazes me that you regularly ride over to Northampton on your motorbike in gale force winds, torrential rain, and subzero temperatures.

William: It’s a challenge and I just love riding my bike.

Simon: what is your first memory of school and why that memory?

William: Having to line up.

Simon: Did you enjoy school?  and What was your best subject/ worst subject?

William: No, I did not really enjoy school, English was my least favourite subject, and my favourite was Food Technology, I still really enjoy cooking now.

Simon: What was your greatest achievement at school.

William: Passing my GCSEs was great. A bit unorthodox but following an extensive period of bullying I decked the perpetrator! That felt good.

Simon: What was you favourite toy when you were growing up.

William: A wooden sword that I made for myself, I used to play at being King Arther and hit Dad with it! Good job he is tolerant!

Simon: What are your current hobbies.

William: I love motorbikes Particularly those from the 1950s my ultimate bike would be a Harley Davidson Soft Tail Bobber

Simon: You are our fashion Guru, what is your favourite shopping experience.

William, I love all things retro, clothes and anything from previous era’s.

Simon: Favourite music?

William I am a massive country and western enthusiast.

Simon : Favourite  Film?

William : Blazing Saddles, Epic film!

Simon:  You mentioned earlier that you did not enjoy school, honest answer how do you feel about working at Rollmark?

William: I feel quite happy working here!

Simon: Thank you for your commitment to the business and, as a team, we look forward to supporting your professional growth at Rollmark!


Rollmark take sustainability seriously and believe we all have a responsibility to operate in the most environmentally way possible to secure a better future for our planet. We are working on a carbon reduction plan which will be published here.

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